We're here for you. Transcending time zones and office hours, the family at Mokko Studio has made communication the corner stone of our services, from evaluation to delivery. We believe that proactive listening, hard work and a nurturing approach is necessary in order to create and maintain long-lasting relationships. From pre-prod to post, we use our expertise, experience and dedication to ensure dynamic and effective operations. From conceptual sketches to on-set supervision, to the CGI process to post-production, you will have complete peace of mind knowing that we're taking care of your projects. At Mokko, we recognize that the entire production process is as important as the final outcome and we'll be running at full speed right out of the gate, right by your side.

Complete FX evaluation:
Determining the ultimate game plan

Art Direction:
Designing concepts, mood boards, props, sets and characters

Storyboards - Previz:
Mapping out your story

On-Set Supervision:
Providing our expertise behind the scenes

Modeling, texturing and rigging all creatures great and small

Through matte painting or full CG, we will take you there


Rain, sleet or snow - we'll deliver

Bringing your creatures to life one keyframe at a time

Compositing / Integration:
It's all in the details

Stereo 3D:
Adding another dimension to your project

Pushing limits & looking forward

Tax Incentive consulting & financing:
Tax credit claiming & banking rendered simple & painless



Maya, XSI, Houdini, Naiad, Renderman, Nuke, Flame, After Effects, Ocula, 3D Equalizer, Shotgun, And many others...