We're here for you. Transcending time zones and office hours, the family at Mokko Studio has made communication the corner stone of our services, from evaluation to delivery. We believe that proactive listening, hard work and a nurturing approach is necessary in order to create and maintain long-lasting relationships. From pre-prod to post, we use our expertise, experience and dedication to ensure dynamic and effective operations. From conceptual sketches to on-set supervision, to the CGI process to post-production, you will have complete peace of mind knowing that we're taking care of your projects. At Mokko, we recognize that the entire production process is as important as the final outcome and we'll be running at full speed right out of the gate, right by your side.


Determining the ultimate game plan for the production of your visual effects including detailed breakdown of your CGI assets and your VFX shot, consulting on the best creative and technical approaches for complex sequences and delivering complete budget and production schedule to help you achieve the ultimate planning.



Design and creation of original concepts for your VFX or Animated project (3D characters, environment and props). We also provide Mood boards or Illustrations for pre-production and marketing requirement. Our Art Director will also follow up your production from A to Z to keep creative consistency all along the project.



Mapping out your story. We can help plan and design you most complex sequences by providing Storyboard, Animatic or full CGI Previz Animation. Our Previs team has an intensive experience gained in the Gaming Industry by producing and directing Game Cinematics.



Providing our expertise behind the scenes. Wherever you’re shooting your movie, Mokko can provide VFX on-set supervision including our support technical team. Mokko will provide in house vfx supervisors or introduce renowned Hollywood VFX supervisors from our impressive international network to perfectly fit the creative and technical requirements of the most challenging project.



For adding another dimension to your project Mokko team of experts can work as easily with 3D Stereoscopic native shooting project or can assist you in providing all necessary compositing elements to ease the work with your 2D-3D conversion pipeline. We also recently added a team of expert for VR productions to provide 360 degrees environment, assets or services to complete any of your VR projects.



Pushing limits & looking forward. To add to our production team and add a unique technical edge on the VFX market Mokko as established a team of physical simulation scientists who have received numerous Best Paper Awards for their research in the field of computer science imagery. This team will be happy to bring innovative custom technical solutions to your most complex visual effects sequences.



As it is internationally acknowledged by the film industry, the Province of Quebec, Canada has the most reliable, flexible and generous film and Television CGI Tax Rebate in the world. At Mokko we have the team of experts to make the Tax Rebate claiming & banking rendered simple & painless. Just contact us for more details!



Maya, Nuke, Houdini, Naiad, Arnold, Flame, After Effects, Ocula, 3D Equalizer, Shotgun, and many others...