one group, infinite ideas

Mokko opened its doors in 2003, committed to create compelling visual effects and animation for film, television and commercials. We’ve made a name for ourselves as a state of the art digital studio, home to a team of over 70 talented, passionate and experienced artists working on projects of the utmost quality. Our mission is to continue to push the creative and technical limits of visual effects and animation for each and every project that we undertake.

Danny Bergeron


Danny Bergeron has been leading Mokko since its inception. A pioneer in the CGI industry, he’s a VFX and Animation Producer, President of Mokko and the creative visionary behind an impressive number of animated and VFX-heavy projects. Throughout the years, Danny has worn many hats, having worked as a lead animator, director and producer on multiple productions. A seasoned entrepreneur, Danny brings passion to servicing the global market, building solid local and international partnerships and delivering large-scale entertainment projects.

Thomas Tannenberger


Thomas brings a deep understanding of the creative process and VFX pipeline know-how to the budgeting/production approach of a project. With over 20 years of work in the VFX industry, including more than 15 years as a VFX Supervisor, Thomas is one of the most respected talents out there. He has been recognized for his work as winner of multiple HPA awards and has been nominated for three VES awards. With an unmatched work ethic, Thomas has clocked in over 500+ days on set and is credited on over 90 VFX projects to date, including Race, The Blacklist and Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts 1 and 2. 

Christina Wise


With nearly two decades of Hollywood film industry experience, Christina's vast knowledge and passion for the art of VFX knows no bounds. Christina began her career as a Creative Executive for a well-respected production house before making her way into the intricate world of visual effects. Having overseen each and every stage of the production process as a Coordinator, Producer and Executive, Christina possesses a well-rounded vision regarding the development, production and post-production of feature films. She has lent her skills to countless major motion pictures including Hitman: Agent 47, Poltergeist and Iron Man 2. Christina's reputation has helped solidify her as one of the most trusted talents working today. 

Dan Charbit


Dan has worked in the VFX industry for 20 years, wearing numerous hats. He has experience as a 2D/3D Artist, VFX Artist, Project Manager, Technical Director and VFX Supervisor. Dan has worked throughout North America and Europe. He has been recognized by Siggraph and the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for his efforts in the industry. Dan’s credits include Game of Thrones, 22 Jump Street, Unbroken and Heart of the Sea.