Mokko Studio is proud to announce its work on the action-fantasy film League of Gods (Feng Shen Bang), currently in its worldwide release with Sony Pictures. 

Beginning in 2014, Mokko acted as one of the main VFX vendors on the star-studded blockbuster. Working in close collaboration with production companies China Star Entertainment Group and VFX Producer John Dietz, Mokko a... read more


Mokko Helps Bring "Krampus" to Life

Snow has already begun to fall and Mokko Studio is starting the holiday season off early with their VFX work on Krampus, a soon-to-be Christmas cult classic. Mokko has worked closely alongside director Michael Dougherty (Trick ‘r Treat) and producers Legendary Pictures to create VFX shots for the horror-comedy. Staying true to its Canadian heritage, Mokko has provided snow and winter F... read more


Mokko brings the big guns on Agent 47

Mokko is pleased to announce completion of their killer VFX work for Hitman: Agent 47. This is Twentieth Century Fox’s second film in the Hitman franchise, based on the hugely popular, best-selling video game series. The film is directed by Aleksander Bach and stars Homeland’s Rupert Friend in the title role and features Game of Thrones lead Ciaran Hinds and Heroes star Zachary Q... read more



Mokko is proud to announce its partnership on League of Gods, an adventure-fantasy film currently being shot in Beijing, China.

This major motion picture shoot coincides with the official launch of Mokko Beijing, the Chinese counterpart of Mokko Montreal.

League of Gods is being produced by Hong Kong’s China Star Group. The epic film stars nine of China’s mo... read more


Jupiter Ascending - In Theaters Now!

Mokko is proud to announce their work on filmmaking legends Andy and Lana Wachowski’s (The Matrix Trilogy, Cloud Atlas) latest science fiction epic, Jupiter Ascending, in theaters today!

The film stars Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis and is produced by Warner Brothers Pictures.

Mokko has contributed digital make-up to the action-adventure. Our studio has a lengthy h... read more


Mokko Talks X-Men in Cinefex

Mokko is featured in the latest issue of film industry magazine Cinefex. Joe Fordham’s article “Mutant Destiny” features an interview with our CG Supervisor explaining Mokko's process in creating transformation FX in X-Men: Days of Future Past. We are pleased to be listed as one of the main vendors on the project and are extremely proud of the work we’ve done on t... read more


First trailer for Serena

We are excited to share the first official trailer for Serena, directed by Oscar Winner Susanne Bier, starring Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawrence.

The Mokko team employed various skills and expertise in creating the film’s visual effects, including work in compositing, matte painting, 3D integration, digital makeup, cleanup and removal.


Mokko Research and Development Recognized at Siggraph

Once again, Mokko Studio’s Research and Development team will be honored for their work in the study of visual effects. Yasin Nazzar, Jonathan Bouchard and James J. Clark will present their latest study, “Detection of Stereo Window Violation in 3D Movies” at this year’s Siggraph Conference in Vancouver. The study is overseen by Professor James J. Clark of McGill Unive... read more


Serena VFX Completed! Mokko's second Jennifer Lawrence film this year

It is with great pride that Mokko announces the completion of their work on Susanne Bier’s latest dramatic opus, Serena. The Oscar-winning filmmaker and her team turned to our studio to produce a number of visual effects to bring this thrilling, depression-era drama to life.


Based on a celebrated novel by author Ron Rash, Se... read more


Cosmos Nominated for 12 Emmys including Outstanding VFX

A hearty congratulations goes out to the entire Mokko team for their awe-inspiring work on Fox and National Geographic’s science-based docu-series Cosmos: A Spacetime Odyssey, which has just been nominated for 12 Emmy nominations! Cosmos leads the non-fiction television nominations with nods in categories including Outstanding Special & Visual Effects and Outstanding Doc... read more



Mokko is proud to announce their work on filmmaking legends Andy and Lana Wachowski’s (The Matrix Trilogy, Cloud Atlas) latest science fiction epic, Jupiter Ascending. The films stars Channing Tatum and Mila Kunis and is produced by Warner Brothers.


The film tells the story of Jupiter Jones (Kunis), a seemingly average woman on the run from an inter-galacti... read more


X-Men: Days of Future Past

X-Men: Days of Future Past is the hotly anticipated new sequel in Twentieth Century Fox’s celebrated superhero franchise. The film takes a unique approach to the series, merging casts from Bryan Singer’s original trilogy and the recent X-Men: First Class reboot. With its all-star cast and crew and an epic scope, Days of Future Past is noted as being Fox’s second most expens... read more



COSMOS – A SPACE-TIME ODYSSEY is a breathtaking science series airing in primetime on Fox and the National Geographic Channel. The show is hosted by renowned astrophysicist Neil de Grasse Tyson and is written/directed by Ann Druyan, a writer for the original COSMOS (1980) series. The challenge for the project proved to be colossal: updating Carl Sagan’s original, thought-provokin... read more


Mokko's Latest is a Beauty

Similar to Santa’s elves, the Mokko team has been working very hard this holiday season to deliver the gift of eye-popping visual effects. We’ve re-teamed with Silent Hill director Christophe Gans for his imaginative, French-language retelling of Beauty and the Beast (La Belle et la Bete). The fantastical drama features the stunning Lea Sedoux (Blue is the Warmest Color) and Vinc... read more


Audiences Worldwide are Wild for Riddick

Entering its third week in North American movie theatres, Universal Pictures’ Riddick is proving to be the largest success of Vin Diesel’s Pitch Black franchise, prompting rumors of potential follow-ups.  The David Twohy directed blockbuster has earned favorable reviews with film critics (certified “Fresh” on Rotten Tomatoes), helping the movie claim the number o... read more


Riddick hits theaters Friday

The internet is abuzz this week with Vin Diesel’s much anticipated return to form with Riddick, the third film in Universal Pictures’ Pitch Black franchise. We here at the studio are incredibly proud to see our work featured in numerous promo clips and can’t seem to cross a street without spotting posters and billboards touting Riddick’s big return this Friday, Septem... read more


The 2013 China-Canada Animation Student Award

Mokko Studio and Cegep of Old Montreal were proud to present the China-Canada Animation Student Award during the annual animation department graduation ceremony that took place June 19th and 20th of this year.

<... read more


Alien Invasion

Discovery Canada is presenting one full week of all things alien and to kick it off, Discovery Canada will air ALIENS: THE DEFINITIVE GUIDE, a co-production between Handel Productions and Arrow Media.

Mokko Studio had its hands on all the CGI and VFX. We had a great time creating out-of-this-world creatures (literally speaking, of course) and proud of what we have more


New Riddick Trailer!

Riddick just released a new trailer and it looks fantastic!!

At Mokko, we had the opportunity to view it in our very own cozy little surround-sound theater. It ... read more


White House at Mokko Studio

Mokko is proud to be associated with WHITE HOUSE DOWN, the latest film by Roland Emerich (Independence Day, The Day After Tomorrow) and due in theaters June 29th.

While in pre-production in Montreal, the White House Down team called upon Mokko Studio to design the graphics played back on set. Working hand in hand with Kirk M. Petrucceli (production designer) and Roland ... read more


Riddick: a first look

The first Riddick trailer has been officially released this week. It was first posted on Riddick’s Facebook fan page and circulated by Vin Diesel himself through his own social media page. Mokko Studio is very excited to help spread it around as we have worked ... read more


Mokko's creature team does Riddick

2012 was a great year for Mokko. We’ve had the honour and pleasure of working on multiple fun and exciting projects such as Mirror Mirror, White House Down, and The Last Stand to name a few.

One of the most recent feature Mokko completed was Riddick starring Vin Diesel and directed by David Twohy. After 9 months of labour where 321 VFX shots were produced by over one hundred... read more


Mirror Mirror Out in Theaters Today

March 30th – “Mirror Mirror” directed by Tarsem Singh (Immortals, The Fall, The Cell) opens in theaters today and Mokko is honoured to have been involved in this amazing project. With 42 VFX shots, Mokko’s artists put their talent to creating environments for the forest scenes.

Mirror Mirror is a modernized version of t... read more


Trotteur winner of a Jutra

Trotteur, a film codirected by Arnaud Brisebois, Mokko’s highly skilled Artistic Director and his fellow-member Francis Leclerc, received the honour of a Jutra in the category “Best short film.” The Jutra pay tribute to all the artists, craftsmen and all the films produced during the year as well as ultimately celebrating the excellence of the Québécois film p... read more


Emile Ghorayeb To Lead Mokko’s Animation Team

Mokko, digital studio dedicated to servicing productions including stereo-3D features, high-end television and commercials, is extremely happy to welcome animation veteran Emile Ghorayeb to serve as Director of Animation.

Ghorayeb is a highly recognized and seasoned animator having contributed to many prominent projects, like some of the more central and challenging hero shots in ... read more


Mokko's creature team sinks its teeth into Underworld: Awakening

If you’re wondering why the folks at Mokko are sporting garlic necklaces and carrying wooden stakes in their back pockets, it might have something to do with their participation on Underworld: Awakening. Adding FX enhancements and creature work to a number of shots, Underworld 4 marks the second time Mokko Studio works with VFX Supervisor James McQuaide, the first time... read more


Interview with 'Dino Revolution' Co-Director David Krentz

Get a behind-the-scenes look at one of Mokko's latest works, the intense docu-series Dinosaur Revolution. Co-Director and Art Director David Krentz discusses the process of bringing an up-to-date, revelatory dino doc to the screen.


http://www.animationmagazine.n... read more


Wanhao-Mokko Mediapolis Launch

The Beijing Wanhao Tianji Communication Co., and Montreal based Mokko Studio Inc. ( Canada ) in collaboration with the Animation School of the Beijing Film Academy, announce the signing of an agreement for the launch of an essential center for creation, production, research and multimedia training. The WANHAO-MOKKO MEDIAPOLIS, which is scheduled to open its doors in Beijing followed by a Mon... read more


The Gemini Nominations: Mokko Celebrates

Canada's prestigious awards ceremony, honoring the finest Canadian television entertainment, has selected both Last Day of the Dinosaurs and The Kennedys as nominees for its 26th annual ceremony.

Mokko Studio is credited for animation and VFX work on the critically lauded projects and continue to ride the wave of praise that the projects have amassed over a number of mont... read more


Research and Development Head Jonathan Gagnon Honored

Jonathan Gagnon, Head of Research and Development at Mokko Studio, has been awarded the top prize at this year’s Computer Graphics International Conference. Gagnon has been honored for a scholarly article he has written entitled ‘Procedural and Interactive Icicle Modeling’. Selected out of 220 worldwide entries, the prestigious award celebrates the brightest minds and forwa... read more


'The Kennedys' nominated for 10 Emmy Awards

A hearty congratulations goes out to our friends at Muse Entertainment and Asylum Entertainment for the nominations provided by the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences for The Kennedys miniseries. Mokko is proud to have worked on the project, delivering a number of seamless visual effects in order to transport the viewer back to the Kennedy-era.

We can&... read more


Mokko Creates and Enhances FX for 'Trotteur'

Mokko Studio is proud to announce their participation in the making of Trotteur, a dramatic short film currently picking up steam on the festival circuit.

Mokko’s in-house VFX Art Director and two time VES-nominee Arnaud Brisebois shares directing credits with Francis Leclerc, whom Mokko has worked with in the past on ‘Looking for Alexander’ and ‘A No-Hit N... read more


Mokko helps 'Your Shape' hit the ground running

Mokko Studio’s advertisement department is proud to announce their participation in the launch of Ubisoft’s Your Shape: Fitness Evolved 2012 campaign. The work of Mokko’s talented crew of animators and VFX artists is featured in the game’s buzzworthy teaser-trailer, currently creating viral excitement online.

The sophomore version of Ubisoft’s hit fit... read more


The 2011 China-Canada Animation Student Award

Mokko Studio, the Beijing Film Academy and the Cegep of Old Montreal were proud to present the inaugural China-Canada Animation Student Award, for the prestigious animation department graduation ceremony. The event took place over the course of May the 25th and 26th.

The 3D Animation Award, sponsored by Mokko Studio and Autodesk was awarded to Andrée-A... read more


Mokko Visits the White House

The VFX gurus at Mokko Studio transport viewers back to the sixties with the hotly anticipated miniseries The Kennedys.

The nation’s abuzz about Muse Entertainment’s controversial new miniseries The Kennedys, chronicling the fascinating lives of the former first family. Through digital magic, Mokko helps bring the Greg Kinnear and Katie Holm... read more


The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom

Canadian auteur Tara Johns teams with the artists at visual effects house Mokko Studio to bring her coming-of-age tale The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom to the big-screen.

The filmmakers behind the 70s-era dramatic comedy ‘The Year Dolly Parton Was My Mom’ employed the talents of the VFX wizards at Mokko Studio in order to evoke a true sense of the decade. The ... read more


Mokko Rocks Out with Yelle

Mokko is proud to have participated in the making of indie-pop star Yelle's latest videos 'Safari Disco Club' and 'Que veux-tu'. Directed by Jeremie Saindon and produced by Antler films, Mokko provided the music videos with a number of seamless effects to enhance the surreal quirkyness of the respective clips.

Prepare to have the tunes stuck in your head by checking out the videos here:... read more


'Funkytown': Mokko Recreates Montreal in the Swingin' 70s

Director Daniel Roby entrusted the talents of Mokko’s artists to deliver a number of seamless effects for his latest, highly-anticipated film Funkytown. Through the magic of visual effects, Mokko helps provide the look and feel of Montreal circa 1976.

To honor the realistic nature of the film, it was crucial that the Montreal presented in the film was free of anachronisms an... read more


'Last Day' Vies for First

VFX and animation house Mokko Studio celebrates its nomination in the category of ‘Outstanding Visual Effects in a Broadcast Miniseries Movie or Special’ by the Visual Effects Society (VES) for “Last Day of the Dinosaurs”.

The artists at visual effects and animation studio  Mokko had much to celebrate on Monday,  January 1... read more